what is the best way to date rich women

If you want to date a rich woman, you have to be at the right time and place. Where do all the rich women hang out at?

1. Cars

Rich girls love their beautiful luxurious cars. Check the “car beauty salons”. Young rich girls like to put some shiny stones on their cars. Older women like to visit BMW, Mercedes salons and car fashion shows. They like classy simple cars. Just walk around. It cost nothing!

2. Fashion

Rich women know how to spend money with pleasure. Fashion shows are the must for every successful and rich woman, where she can demonstrate the most extravagant dresses and expensive unique jewelry. This is probably the best time to meet a single rich woman. If you have no money to buy a ticket, ask around or try to find a free ticket in Internet. Sometime event organizers give them away for free or for very little money.

3. Beauty

The beauty salon is a nice place to meet wealthy women. If you cannot afford a haircut in one of those expensive places, try to find a part-time job there as an administrator or marketing staff.

4. Charity

Charity events are traditionally best places for meeting rich women. You have to look sophisticated and charming. Simply say hello and offer a drink. It will be enough to start a conversation.

5. Vacations

Summer vacation is a time for romance. Indonesia, Thailand, Spain and Italy are places where all the lonely rich women go. You can see them everywhere – in the airport, on the beach, in the shopping malls, restaurants. Just come closer and start a conversation. They are waiting for you to act!

6. Shopping

Shopping is a favorite activity of almost every woman and especially rich one! Dubai, Hongkong, Paris and London are the main destinations. How to start a conversation? Ask one of those beautiful rich girls to help you to choose a shirt for you loving grandmother, who is very old and is not feeling good ;)

7. Social networking

Social networking and matchmaking websites like date a rich woman is very efficient for meeting rich single women. International is for professionals living abroad. Women there are not so rich, but there are some successful women. So if you are looking for rich women, this is a right place for you. This website is free to join! VIP speed dating is another awesome opportunity to meet rich single women. All you need is to be handsome and to have a good job, otherwise, you will look miserable compare to other contenders.

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